Sueños con Fiber/Timber, Earth/Concrete

Grupo Mota-Engil and MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism Installation

Dreams of...

This piece allows the public to think, share, and showcase their aspirations for a better urban future in Mexico City. The interactivity comprises three actions: the Dream Tickets, the Instagram Share Station, and an Inspiration Wall.

Dream Tickets seek to make the public reflect on their ideal city. Visitors take a Dream Ticket from a ticket roll, inspired by how a theme park or a roller coaster functions. After taking the tickets, visitors are asked to draw or write about their dreams on specific urban topics, such as Health, Inclusive City, Housing, Mobility, Public Space, and Innovation. Each card has an "Opening," an inspirational fact, or a prompt to invite citizens to share their dreams. Both the Dream Tickets and the Openings in them were co-designed by a team of experts in the urban and innovation fields.

Once visitors draw their dreams, they share with the world their Dream Ticket in the Instagram Share Station, which uploads the ticket directly to the exhibition Instagram account @sueñocon_CDMX.

After sharing their dreams on social media, visitors tear out the bottom portion of the Dream Ticket, the Opening, to hang it on the Inspiration Wall. The Inspiration Wall mirrors a collection of dreams from Mextropoli visitors inviting them to crowdsource, shape, and transform the city's future together.