A participatory, architectural installation featured in the Mextrópoli Architecture and City Festival (September 21-25, 2022), Dreams of Fiber/Timber, Earth/Concrete unfolds stories about Mexico City through four materials, their provenance, and their promise for the future. Through its critical adaptation of traditional papercraft, creative reuse of recycled wood, and innovative use of earth and concrete, this site-responsive installation invites us to recognize the palimpsest of Mexico City’s histories and imagine new possibilities.

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Grupo Mota-Engil

Project Team: Onésimo Flores, Sergio Haua, Ivar Castillo, Jorge Cerrilla, Oscar Vera, Gemi González
Website: Grupo Mota-Engil

Digital Structures | MIT

The Digital Structures research group aims to contribute new knowledge to empower the design and fabrication of innovative, creative, and performative architectural structures. Our research activities are based in three interconnected areas—collaboration, computation, and fabrication—which are united by a common focus on the synthesis of design and technology. We are convinced that each of these three areas offers fertile ground for improving quality, sustainability, and delight in the built environment.

Director: Caitlin Mueller
Project Team: Edu Gascón, Tim Cousin, Mohamed Ismail, Sandy Curth, Kiley Feickert, Leslie Norford
In Collaboration With: ECHALE, New Story, Manufactura, Anfora Studio, Formas de Fibra de Vidrio
Website: Digital Structures
Social Media:
 @digitalstructuresmit @p_a_l_z_i_n_c @moh.isms @sandycurth @kiley_fi

Future Urban Collectives | MIT and Collaborating Artist Marisa Morán Jahn

The MIT Future Urban Collectives lab is dedicated to an architecture for new forms of sharing and collaboration. As digital platforms and networks shift the production of space, trust, and value, Future Urban Collectives explores how architecture and urbanism can support and enhance cohabitation, coproduction, and coexistence across various scales of community. Combining digital platforms and physical design outcomes, Future Urban Collectives promotes an urban project, driven by a new kind of user and open to new programs and activities.

A graduate of MIT, artist/filmmaker Marisa Morán Jahn has collaborated with Rafi Segal projects including the Open Collective Station (with Sarah Williams and Greg Lindsay) at the 2021 Venice Biennale of Architecture. Jahn and Segal are founders and designers of Carehaus, the U.S.’s first intergenerational, care-based co-housing project and authors of the forthcoming book, “Design and Solidarity” (Columbia University Press, 2023).

Director: Rafi Segal
Collaborating Artist: Marisa Morán Jahn
Project Team: Maria Rius Ruiz, Patricia Dueñas Gerritsen, Jungmin Lee, Karla Mejias
Structural Engineering: Caitlin Mueller, Edu Gascón, Tim CousinConstruction: Mextropoli/La Invencible
Website: Rafi Segal
Social Media: @marisa_jahn @rafisegal_au @segal_rafi @jjongmyn @karlgma @mariariusruiz  @mextropoli @lainvencibleorg

Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism | MIT

The MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism is committed to fostering a rigorous design culture for the large scale; by focusing our disciplinary conversations about architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and systems thinking, not about the problems of yesterday, but of tomorrow. We are motivated by the radical changes in our environment, and the role that design and research can play in addressing these. We embrace conversations with the world's top experts at MIT, to feed and foster our innovations. We take pride in the fact that participants in the Center do not just talk about things; they create projects, build things, and actively change our society out in the real world; and then come together to learn from each other's experiences, publish, and debate about future directions. The MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism has been established at the initiative of the Dean and department Chairs of the School of Architecture and Planning and reflects a renewed drive to excellence in urbanism.

Director: Sarah Williams
Project Team: Alberto Meouchi, Jariyaporn Prachasartta, Doris Qingyi Duanmu, Huiwen Shi, Niko McGlashan
Special Thanks To: Claudia Ortiz Chao, Maria Moreno, Carina Arvizu, Carlos Flores and Santiago Fernandez
Website: Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism 
Social Media: @datasew @ameouchi @a_jari @takewoooood @hshi123 @nikodellic


Project Team: Francesco Piazzesi, Gretel Uribe Campos, Eduardo Piedrola, Eduardo Banda, Fernanda Herrejón, Javier Velasco, Gustavo García
Website: ECHALE
Social Media: @echalemex

New Story

Project Team: Victor Mendoza, Sandra Prieto
Website: New Story
Social Media: @newstory


Project Team: Dinorah Martínez Schulte, Aleida Rahel
Website: Manufactura 
Social Media: @manufacturamx

Anfora Studio

Project Team: Saul Rivera, Sofia Priscila
Website: Anfora Studio
Social Media: @anforastudio

Formas de Fibra de Vidrio

Project Team: Jacinto Hernández Espindola
Website: Formas de Fibra de Vidrio